Replacement Truck Keys

We specialize in vehicle transponder keys for the majority of Truck manufacturers including commercial trucks from DAF, Scania, Mercedes, MAN, Volvo, Renault and Iveco.

We know how important it is not to let your customers down and make that delivery as soon as possible but sometimes things like lost or broken keys can prevent this from happening.

Hopefully the solution is an easy one such as getting the spare key from the office and going to meet the driver to get him on his way, but what happens if there are no spare keys?

First call is to the dealer, how long and how much to get another key?

Second call is to a recovery specialist, how long and how far back to the dealer?

Third call to arrange another delivery truck to go out to the broken down truck and arrange for the load to be swapped from one truck to another.

Lost Truck Keys

Seems like a lot of calls and a great deal of effort just to get the vehicle recovered, not forgetting when the new key arrives from the dealer it will need programming to the truck, which may now be with them.

This isn't so with Absolutions Automotive Locksmiths and the knowledge we possess and the level of diagnostic equipment we have available.

We will attend the site where the truck is, make a key to the locks, reconfigure the immobiliser and have the vehicle up and running, normally within the a few hours.

On occasion we may need to meet the fitter at the vehicle to aid us in removing security components.

If you have a working key why not get us to make a spare manual key just in case.

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